Kelsey's Journey to becoming Miss Universe

Winning the title of Miss Universe this year was a dream come true, and a significant part of my success story is thanks to Macro Based Diner's healthy meal prep. As a professional bikini athlete and a busy mum of three, finding the time and energy to prepare the right meals was always a challenge. But since I started relying on Macro Based Diner for my nutrition, everything changed.

The range of delicious, healthy meals they offer made sticking to my diet enjoyable rather than a chore. Their meals are perfectly balanced, which helped me stay on track with my weight loss goals and training regimen. The convenience of having these meals ready-to-eat meant I could focus more on my training, my kids, and my work without compromising on my nutrition.

It's not just about the time saved; it's about how these meals have contributed to my energy levels, my physique, and overall well-being. I've been able to achieve my best form yet, and I credit a big part of that to the quality of food I get from Macro Based Diner.

My transformation has inspired many of my friends and family to start their journey with Macro Based Diner too. They've seen the changes in me and realize that healthy eating can be simple, tasty, and effective.

To anyone looking to make a positive change in their life, whether it's for a fitness goal or just to lead a healthier lifestyle, I can't recommend Macro Based Diner enough. They've been a key player in my journey to becoming Miss Universe, and I'm excited to see where this partnership takes me next."

Kelsey, Miss Universe Winner and Professional Bikini Athlete, Benefiting from Macro Based Diner Meals


Kelsey Yung